Based on the Pony Club Secrets books by best-selling author, Stacy Gregg, Mystic is a character-driven thriller for a family audience. Whilst enjoying the fundamental themes of friendship, growing up and self-discovery, the drama also tackles head-on the key issue for young people today: what are we doing to our planet and is it too late to save it?  New Zealand’s beautiful landscape will play a major part in bringing all these themes into sharp relief.

The drama follows a group of horse-mad teenagers who are regulars at their local stables on the fictional peninsula of Kauri Point, New Zealand. New girl, Issie, is struggling to make friends having recently moved out to the quiet, backwater town from London but an unexpected interest in horses, a surprising bond with unbroken pony, Blaze, and an enigmatic stallion, Mystic, keep her interest long enough to stop her from running away yet again.

Meanwhile, worrying incidents surrounding a new industrial development prove the catalyst to a series of events that means Issie and her fellow riders – Dan, Caleb, Caroline, Stella and Natasha – have to risk everything, and challenge all they know in Kauri Point, in order to save their horses, their community and all they love about where they live.  With its great cast of characters across all ages, the show will be thrilling, warm, funny, and not afraid to explore the complex relationship between teenage ideals and the adult world of how to make a living.

Mystic, a 13 x 30’ drama, is a co-commission by the UK’s children’s channel, CBBC, Seven Network in Australia and TVNZ with investment from NZ On Air, and starts shooting in New Zealand in January 2020.


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